Don’t Build A Network, Grow a Community

Building a professional network can satisfy the need for a network, but growing a community can continue to reward you professionally, as well as personally. There are many complicated techniques for creating a network of professionals around you. It isn’t until you put these techniques aside that you can truly create a community or people. […]

Stay Focused For Focus’ Sake

Without focus, it is hard to understand what is being communicated.

A week ago I caught the latest installment of the Podcaster’s Roundtable, which is a group of professional podcasters who have a regularly scheduled show where the topic of the discussion is related to the podcasting industry. The group is lead by Ray Ortega and his peers. The discussion for this episode was the issue […]

Making The Most Of My Schedule

My son is now attending kindergarten at a nearby elementary school. Since our home is within a 1 mile “no bus” zone, my son must find his own way to school. Since walking is not an option, my wife and I must take him to and from school each day. During school pickup, there is […]