Making The Most Of My Schedule

My son is now attending kindergarten at a nearby elementary school. Since our home is within a 1 mile “no bus” zone, my son must find his own way to school. Since walking is not an option, my wife and I must take him to and from school each day.

During school pickup, there is a waiting line and a period of 20 minutes of just sitting in the car. While I could take a quick nap, which would most likely lead to rude awakenings, I’d much rather digest my thoughts and experiences of the day in order to be a proactive professional.

Today, I made a recording on my Android tablet. The quality of the video is a bit lacking (I blame it on the Gumdrop case, but I won’t complain as it is absolutely awesome), but I will just mark it up to practice and see where things go. Hopefully the other parents waiting to pick up their kids don’t think too oddly of me talking to myself, alone in the car.

  • Robyn Smith

    You’re a brave man, Chris Risse! ;-)

    • Chris Risse

      LOL – I wouldn’t call it brave as much as blind egotistical fearlessness.