You Win Some, You Lose Some, Rinse And Repeat

Each step I have taken, I have never looked at as a failure, only a step towards success. Perhaps that is why I am so blindingly bullheaded when it comes to achieving my goals. Failure is something hard to admit, and failure is even harder to realize when there are so many beneficial takeaways. Learning from mistakes is the best educational tool I have personally come across and I will continue to learn from them for the rest of my life.

Looking back at each moment, of success and failure, I appreciate the times when I did not come out on top. Those are the times that prepared me to be successful down the road. Business is a gamble. When you always win, the pain of losing will hurt much worse when the loss finally occurs. However, I have found it is better to win big than win small and to lose small, not big. The odds are always in my favor, because the one I am playing against is myself.

When you gamble, you have to take a risk. Risk is something I have grown very accustom to, in fact, I appreciate risk. Without risk, I would not feel the emotions necessary to push me out of my comfort zone. As I have said before, stress is necessary to accomplish goals, but make sure you are in control of the stress. Make it yours. I bring risk upon myself to create the stress I need to motivate myself to win. Without the risk, I would become apathetic to the cause and would have no desire to win.

Your path to achieving your goals are paved with success and failure. What direction you take is up to you. Just keep moving, taking new steps.

As experienced as I am with winning, I would much rather lose than be apathetic. Apathy is the evil in the world of activity. It doesn’t matter if your goals are life, business, health, or religious. The biggest fear is apathy. When your perception of your world becomes apathetic, you begin to separate yourself from it. When you are separate from your world, you are no where and when you are no where, you are no one. Eventually, you get sick of being no one and no where, which incites anger and jealousy towards others who are part of your world. I know this all too well, from my own life, and those around me. True failure lies in apathy.

If failure is what you fear, then you are on the right track. You fear failure when you care so much to win. That is the stress created by risk and will be your driving force. Your first step should be a welcome one, not something to cower from. Apathy is your enemy and what you should fear. Losing and failing are beautiful compared to apathy. When you lose, you still have momentum and can steer it in a new direction.

Eventually, that direction will be the right one filled with progressive steps towards your goals. That path should never end. Never run out of steps. Look at where you have come from, where you are now, and where you want to go. There is a path that connects each point. The path doesn’t end at success or failure, it is simply paved with them. The path ends where apathy begins. Keep building and moving along while looking ahead and reflecting on your progress.

What is your next step in your progress in achieving your goals?
Photography credit to Keri Risse Photography.
  • Robyn Smith

    Chris, your article is highly motivating. I can’t quite say that I’m eager to go out and lose something now, but my competitive nature is energized by the concepts you share. When you approach life as you describe, the challenge becomes fun and exciting instead of scary. Thanks!
    As for your question about the next step, I’ll share my new definition of bottom-line success as discovered in an LI discussion group;The Confident Copywriter: Get back up one more time than you’re knocked down, and help others do the same. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Robyn Smith

    P.S. Great photo! :-)