After A Break, Recall Your Inspiration

As much as I really did not want to stop recording podcasts and writing up knowledgeable pieces, I had to take a break to move my family and office to our new home.

This move was not quite as far as our previous moves, but with all of the address changes and adjustments, I didn’t want to be overwhelmed and burdened with too many tasks. Doing so would have made a mess of my progress, I did not want to do that.

This has pushed back my official launch date for the new website, previously my birthday of January 9th, to February 1st. That is not a firm date (it is actually the birthday of my siblings), but a date nonetheless. I have started my recordings again, doing batches and planning my schedule. This is gonna happen!

What you can learn from a hiatus

Education never stops, and it was at full tilt during the move. The month off was great for many reasons, but especially for exploring new concepts and related book titles. A pressing matter for me is how to effectively use my time and the time of my production team. I never feel like I am using my time wisely, but I do see major improvements over the years. I guess it goes to show you no matter how efficient you are with your time there is always room for improvement. For this reason, I really looked into concepts on productivity.

The library grows

It is important to keep your library growing, but it is also important to come back to concepts learned in the past and review. Here is my reading list of new titles and old from December 2015 and January 2016:

  • Effortless Success – Michael Neill
  • Getting Things Done – David Allen
  • Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time – Jeff Sutherland
  • The Compound Effect – Darren Hardy

Checkout my full library list for recommended titles

My motivation to pickup some of my previous reading was to relive what I had taken away when I first opened the pages. Effortless Success has become an essential part of my inspiration and motivational process. I never realized how important a book can be to bringing life back to my passion.

Getting Things Done and Scrum were great reads on improving my productivity and the productivity of my team. I definitely will need to go through these again and again, too much to comprehend on a first and even second read.

The Compound Effect was another title to return to, for the sake of remembering why I continue to try to improve myself as a person and a professional. It can be hard to focus on the same concept constantly, but it doesn’t take long to jog my memory.

Keep moving forward

For those of you who experience these large disruptions, such as a move or a break in routine, keep up your motivation by reflecting on what progress has gotten you to your current point and recall that motivation and inspiration. If you skip reflecting, you are liable to fall back into the same trap of habits and behaviors from your past.

My advice: pick up where you left off with a good read, or 4.

What books do you go back to?

Each one of us has books we love, whether it is business related, fantasy, non-fiction, romance… What book or books (even audio books) do you find yourself going back to and why?

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