Business Is Great When Your Balance Is Horrible

Balance, Moderation, Equality. Synonyms of the definition for a great life and a great business. Right? I mean, that is what we are aiming for, correct? I don’t think so, at least not any more. Balance is complacency, neither moving forward or backward in your journey of success. If you are perfectly balanced, you are holding still.

The biggest lie you can tell yourself, is that you can balance everything in your life, including business, personal relationships, family, finances. etc. If you are trying to work on all of these areas at once, you aren’t giving yourself room to excel at any of them.

You aren’t reading this post because you want to be mediocre, at least I hope not. If I were to take a guess, you are reading because you and your small business are not performing at the level you wish they were. My response is that you must break yourself free of complacency, lean forward in the direction you want to go, take action and start moving. Get yourself out of balance.

I have heard life and business described by many metaphors: a roller coaster, a teeter-toter, a pendulum and so on. The point is that when life has momentum, it moves in opposite directions, sometimes to failure and other times to success. When you exert force upon it in any direction, it is going to go a bit further than it would have. Without this extra effort to move in one direction, eventually your life and business would come to rest in the middle, the area of complacency.

Here are some action steps to get out of balance and out of complacency:

  • Avoid news/social media for a day
  • Make 3 cold calls
  • Attend a social event and meet someone
  • Get up an hour early and plan your day
  • Go for a walk instead of watching tv
  • Say something nice to your significant other
  • Read a self help book

Pick one of these items and do it today. Tomorrow, do it again. Keep doing the same item all week. Now keep going all month. By the end of the month, you have put momentum further in a direction than you have ever before.

Repeating these tasks causes unbalance in your life. Things that were important before you started this routine have taken a back seat and your priorities have shifted. Next month, give up on that one item and choose another. Pay attention to how difficult it is to change. That is because the longer you do one item, the more routine it becomes, and the returns you felt from it begin to diminish.

Your mind does a great job of returning itself back to balance and complacency. You must continue to force your mind out of the comfort zone if you want to achieve new goals and feel success. Change is hard, but growth comes from a conscious change for improvement.

As you fail, then succeed, and grow as a person and a business, you become more valuable to yourself and to all you serve. So do yourself a favor and keep the momentum going.

What do you need to get out of balance?

Leave your answers and start a discussion in the comments section below.

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