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Episode 1 – The Hurdles Of Getting A New Business Off The Ground with Robyn Smith

In this episode, I interview copy writer Robyn Smith from Ziplines Content. Robyn shares a bit of her story of becoming a small business person and entrepreneur through a difficult time in her life.

What is your small business story? How did your business become a reality?

  • Owner of Ziplines Content, and copy writing company.
  • Stay-at-home, homeschooling mother who had to go back to work for family financial reasons.
  • Started copy writing by bartering for business guidance.
  • Found awareness for abilities and need for service.
    • “Find a need, meet a need”
  • Was employed for awhile before leaving and begin working for herself.
  • You need 3 basic things to be a good web content writer.
    • You need to get the job done.
    • You need to deliver it on time.
    • You really need to stay on people when interviewing for content.
  • If you are good at the basics, you will get the work. Don’t skip the basics.
  • Has read the E-Myth Revisited and how it applies to starting a business.
    • Understanding where people are in a business.
    • The 3 mental states – technician, manager, and visionary.
  • Stephen Covey’s Quote – “Begin with the end in mind.”
    • See yourself down the road and begin towards that goal.
  • Have fun with your business – learn and grow with your passion
  • Robyn’s biggest is project is a written newsletter.
    • Deliver value in your writing
    • Recognize who your audience is and what their needs are.
    • What is important to your business? What do people ask of you?

What did you find to be most challenging in starting your business?

  • Has had 2 continuous challenges
    • Life balance between work and home
      • “scales of justice” type of balance
      • More like a teeter totter – time given to work and home changes
  • Have confidence in yourself
    • Gained confidence by putting herself out there to do business
    • Getting more business also helps with growth in confidence
  • You have to fail – if you don’t fail, you cannot learn
    • Fail faster, fail better
    • “Start small finish big”
    • “Start something that matters”
  • Stop and reflect to look at where you are going and where you have come from
    • Helps with your confidence
    • Allows you to change direction
    • Be results oriented
    • “Success is not the destination, it is the journey”
    • Have ultimates goals, and steps between

If you could go back and start over again, what would you do differently?

  • Having systems in place – outside of business, in the home
    • Having meals done – anything that can be planned and put on autopilot
  • Lead to a decision – keep a conversation on a focus
    • Incorporate the concept into all that you do, work and life
    • Have priorities, let others be until they are a priorities
    • “What do I want to accomplish today?”
  • Hard time and soft time
    • Hard time for completing tasks
    • Soft time for anything else

Why did you get into copy writing?

  • Loves to share stuff and has a passion for telling stories
    • Everyone has a story
    • Found the need to be an effective storyteller
    • Be the Experience – go be a character and be part of your story and the story of others

What is the one thing that has brought you small business success?

  • Tenacity
    • Every day you get up and do your best. You succeed or you fail. You get up the next day and do the same until you make it happen.
    • Tenacity vs. Hustle

Robyn’s question to Chris and the audience?

  • How do you get unstuck in your business?
    • Chris says “Relationships” – getting help from the people you know, like, and trust
    • “You have to be willing to bad at something in order to become good at it.”

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