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Episode 11 – Being The Student And The Value Of Learning with Brock Yoder and Courtney Frost

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In this episode, I sit down to talk with Brock Yoder and Courtney Frost of Success Martial Arts. This young couple started their own Taekwondo school from their own childhood passion of the sport. Before opening the doors to students, Brock and Courtney traveled to other schools across their region to meet other instructors and see how businesses, like theirs’, can function and operate. From this experience, they were able to get a good start into the business to see some immediate growth.

As Brock and Courtney’s story of business continued, they began to see how time and excitement changes, along with their own attitudes and personal growth, to become seasoned business owners in their industry. By always playing the role of a student, they will continue to learn more from their customers and other business owners that they can continuously apply and learn for successful growth.

Additional Episode Topics

  • Finding mentors in the same industry to get guidance and answers
  • The benefit of having a business partnership, a co-owner
  • Keeping in touch with your network and community
  • Making sacrifices, putting forth effort, understanding the benefits of self discipline
  • Creating lifetime experiences for your customers and clients

Brock and Courtney’s Success = Learning

What have you learned about your business recently?

Share your ideas and feedback in the comments below.

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