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Episode 12 – Same Content, Different Package, New Value

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Change your content media format to reach new audiences.

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Content is never one and done. Think of all of the different media formats you consume on a daily basis; television, radio, podcasts, videos, blogs, etc. Each of these media formats can be considered a different marketing channel, or product, for your business. Many of these formats take a great degree of understanding, preparation, and production, all for one time around the block? NO! Your content can live again in a new or different format.

Your content, for marketing or as a product, can take on new forms by utilizing different types of media. In most cases, it can live in multiple formats simultaneously, as well as produced in multiple formats. That is incredible multitasking!

Besides the time savings for production, it is a great idea to get your content into multiple media formats for the sake of your audience. Digital media formats are everywhere and easily consumed by audiences all around the world. If you leave it up to one media format to deliver your message to the hardest to reach audience member, it may never make it.

When producing your content, keep this one thing in mind. “Keep it simple” Yes, the KISS methodology applies to content production, but it also applies to content consumption. When your content is in a format that is widely used, on devices that your audience uses constantly, you can expect a wider reach with faster growth. There is no need to over complicate a simple concept.

Media Content Formats

Here is a shortlist of different content formats you can use to get your content into the hands of your audience.

  • Blog Post
  • Published Article
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Presentation
  • Email Newsletter
  • Print Newsletter
  • Document or Letter
  • Classroom Training or Lecture
  • Ebook

What media formats are you using for your content?

Share your ideas and feedback in the comments below.

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