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Episode 15 – Be The Experience, My Entrepreneur Story

Maybe you were starting to wonder about who I am and what all this “Be The Experience” stuff is all about. Well, I want to take the time and give you the answers, directly from me, the main character of my own story… Well, maybe not my story. If you really want all of the details of my story, I would suggest checking out my about page. On the other hand, let’s just talk about being a character and creating experiences.

You see, I am a person and like many persons, I have emotions. These emotions range from confidence to worry and run the gambit between. I am limited to only really experiencing life from my own perspective. On the other hand, I am capable of creating experiences, many experiences, for each person that I interact with.

You are the same way. Each of us is our own character with our own stories. We can play characters in each others’ stories too. However, the role and value of the characters we play for each other change constantly. There are so many variables in these experiences, it is hard to find consistency. But, from these various experiences, over time, we are able to form a new perspective of our own character and how the characters around us perceive and understand that value.

I came to the conclusion of “characters” from many years of interacting with all types of people in the business world and beyond. Ultimately, what I realized is that most of us want to be valued, to have a reason for doing the things we do. We interact with each other for the purpose of increasing our inherent value or to get help in doing so. This may not be a complete understanding, but it is based upon those who I can align my outlook on life with and those that I share interests.

Meet 3 new people every day.Mr. Business Guy

The quote above is from a business mentor in my early adult life (who shall not be named), and I have found it to be the real foundation of how a business, a person, or any idea, can grow. It is a truly simple concept that can send many ill equipped person screaming in fear.

What you have to realize is that people seek characters. We seek the character who can fill a void; something missing from our lives. What scares us is the potential rejection of our character before our character has the chance to become a character of value.

Ultimately, the idea of becoming a character of value has been resonating off of the minds of the world for ages. It is not a new concept, but it is one that many people have a difficult time understanding and turning into an effective way of making a living.

The Lesson

The idea I am sharing and the lesson I am teaching here is to not discount the value of your character. Share who you are and the ideas you represent with others, with new people, and let those new people into your life who can represent a character of value to you.

Truly, be the experience.

What is the value of your character?

Leave your answer and feedback in the comments section below.

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