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Episode 2 – Create An Experience With Your Small Business Marketing

  • Marketing should be creative, but that can take a lot of energy.
  • Marketing should be systematized, but that can be boring.
  • When you combine creativity and a process, then creativity comes easier and there is a structure to follow. A story is a great method that benefits from creativity and structure.

Why is it important to tell a story?

  • To keep you and your audience focused. You must believe the story for others to believe.
  • People relate to stories. Everyone has a story, to tell and to be a part of.
  • Stories are told all the time, by everyone, forever. Stories have a life of their own.
  • Stories have characters, experiences, and lessons. They hold value.

Telling a story through brand and marketing

  • The story is not about you, your business, product or service. It is about what the audience wants and needs from its results.
  • A good story will take you on an emotional journey. The story you tell takes your audience from a point of negativity to a positive one, which should continue to improve over time.
  • Stories have a structure, where things happen at certain points, which transition from previous to the next.
  • The audience is involved with the process of the story.
  • Stories have to be real and authentic. It needs to be complete, it cannot be open ended. There should be a beginning and an end.

Your involvement in the story

  • You and your business make up the substance of the business, the underlining and supportive structure to the audience’s own story.
  • You establish the focus of the story and why it is always top of mind to the audience. Without the focus, the story gets stuck and loses direction.

The story helps deliver the value

  • By telling the story, the audience understands the value received and more.
  • The ultimate story is one that your audience loves to share with others, which turns into word of mouth marketing.

How are you telling and sharing your story?

Leave your answer in the comments below.

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