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Episode 3 – Stop Thinking And Start Doing with Caroline Sarda

In this episode, Caroline Sarda, health enthusiast and founder of XL Vita and Starling Natural companies, shares her story of challenges and “ah ha!” moments as a small business owner. Caroline has been able to apply the concepts of customer development and relationship building to her business, which has been a drastic departure from how she assumed a small business should started.

Listen in for the bits of knowledge Caroline shares about getting through a big ego, isolation, and finding answers in her journey to small business success.

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Episode Outline

Having a business is the ultimate challenge. If you want to grow as a person, start a business.

  • Don’t worry about being perfect
  • Start doing, you only get better

Working in your business versus working on your business

  • Understand the difference between the two

Get your ego out of the way

  • Your ego keeps you from getting answers and moving forward
  • Too much pride can isolate you as a business owner
  • Don’t be so judgmental of yourself
  • Allow yourself to grow in order to grow

“My ego doesn’t pay my bills”

Don’t be scared to ask for help.

  • People love to help.
  • Choose your mentors wisely
  • Don’t let someone else stand int he way of getting the answers you need.

Start the business on the side while still employed.

  • Had too much time to make wrong decisions and too many tasks
  • Stress of paying bills and responsibilities
  • Procrastination

Being a character in the stories of others.

  • When you create relationships, you don’t feel isolated
  • Isolation for a small business person is self induced.

Do less to create more

  • Focus on less tasks so you can build more relationships, create more value for your audience, and enjoy yourself

What is the one thing you can do today, but have been delaying out of fear?

  • Understand it is not fear, but only worry
  • When you know you are worrying, you need to calm yourself
  • Worry often comes up when you have too many priorities to accomplish
  • Give yourself less to do, get more done. Don’t let procrastination cause worry.
  • Do the thing you are worried about first to get it done and out of the way.

Lesson learned = take action, get started, don’t let the idea of perfection stop you.

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