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Episode 4 – Understanding The Basics Of Business Networking

In this episode, I share the practice of small business networking and the basic concepts I have employed to make the most of it. Business Networking has been critical to my success as a person and my business. However, business networking will only be effective when you come to create relationships. It takes more than just showing up.


Episode Outline

In order to receive great referrals, you need to master the following:

Describe your ideal customer in 5 words or less.

  • To be specific with your audience
  • For your networkers to relate/identify
  • Easy to remember

Teach your fellow networkers what to listen for, to recognize a referral.

  • The emotions felts by your potential customer
  • Keywords and phrases used by a potential customer
  • Be specific by giving names, people, businesses, locations

Identify industries and professions that can refer to you.

  • For both inside and outside of the networking group
  • For passing business to
  • For getting referral business from

Ask for specific contacts.

  • If you are aware of an existing relationship through networking, ask for an introduction
  • Same for businesses and organizations

What are you doing in your Business Networking?

Leave a comment below to share ideas or ask questions.

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