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Episode 5 – Building Relationships To Grow Your Business With Susan Nelson

In this episode, Susan Nelson from Communicate shares her story as a career professional who transitioned into her own small business by utilizing her existing relationships to find business almost immediately. Susan pinpoints the relationships she had that helped get her business off the ground and moving forward.

Episode Resources

  • Communicate – Strategic communication services and consulting

Episode Notes

How did your business become a reality?

Use Your Existing Relationships – By using existing connections and relationships to share your new business can quickly lead to new professional relationships and your first customers.

What was your biggest challenge in starting your business?

The technical aspects of business administration and how to use time for work and building relationships are challenges and can be overwhelming when you attempt to accomplish all at once. The process of setting priorities and taking action on those priorities, then shifting to new priorities allows each of these items to be handled effectively. This includes administrative tasks, client tasks, marketing, and relationship building.

If you could go back and start over, what would you do differently?

More money saved up to get the business started… On the contrary, having too much money to start a business can cause waste and spending to create the feeling of growth. Starting a business does not take an investment and it is recommended to go as far and as long as you can without spending money on your business. It does not cost you money to reach out to people, start conversations, or to seek out networking groups to begin building relationships.

Building relationships does take time, but having too much time can also be an issue. When you have too much time to fill, you begin to create work for work’s sake to feel productive. This can lead to focusing on the wrong priorities and feeling overwhelmed.

What matters is if you are using your time and money effectively to reach your goals and move in the direction you want to do. Moderation and consistency with your time and money can create a compound effect for you and your business.

You can’t be afraid to mess up. Perfectionism is an obstacle to growth. When you mess up and make mistakes, you allow yourself to learn – this also works in your business. Give your customers and clients a reason to communicate with you on how to best satisfy their needs. This gives you the ability to improve and go beyond expectations.

Take time to reflect, learn, and grow.

How much time do you give to your relationship building?

Any time, all the time – most relationships start outside of business, but can lead to business. Even business relationships grow when they become more than just business. The point is to make connections when you can at every opportunity – even if it does not lead to business. Make it a natural part of who you are. It can lead to a greater potential capacity for doing business.

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