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Episode 6 – Defining Success, What Makes Your Business Successful?


Episode Outline

As a small business owner, we typically see the success of our business in simple terms. However, are we really looking at what is important?

From my experience, for myself and with my fellow business owners, we typically look at success in 3 ways:

  • Money – “My business is making more money.”
  • Influence – “My business has more customers.”
  • Size – “My business has more employees.”

Whether individually or together, these three elements are traditionally what many of us use to consider our business success. I want to challenge this.

I have watched my business earn more, gain new customers, and grow our internal team, but I can’t say it has brought myself the feeling of success. Is the business successful within these 3 areas? Yes, but it has not left me feeling like a successful business owner.

Over the past few years, I have really started to value my time and the time of those around me: family, friends, and colleagues. Time is finite. There will be no more time in my life than my lifespan. Do I really want to spend that time working? The answer is NO, but there needs to be time for work. I just want to keep that work time to a minimum.

Ultimately, I have decided that my own happiness determines my feeling of success. If I can wake up each day happy, my personal life and my business life are successful. I have become very conscious of this feeling and protect it, no matter the cost. I can’t say I really felt successful in life until I felt happy. Being happy is a feeling that spreads and is easily shared. Maybe through my happiness, you can find yours too.

What makes your business successful?

Give your answer as a comment in the section below.

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