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Episode 7 – Finding Your Value And Motivational Listening with Author Adam G. Fleming


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Adam is a world traveling life coach and author of Motivational Listening.

Adam’s story with life coaching starts with his time in manufacturing and requesting a mentor. His mentor-to-be, Gary, became Adam’s life coach and helped him understand what he wanted to get out of life. This experience helped Adam find a focus, which was life coaching and helping others.

What is the difference between a Coach and a Mentor?

A mentor is a person who has “been there and done that”, where they are able to understand your exact experience and how to accomplish certain hurdles in a specific scenario. On the other hand, a coach may or may have not shared the same experiences, but is able to engage a person on an emotional and intellectual level to find a direction and focus. To compare a coach to a counselor, a coach looks at your current situation and helps you become emotionally and mentally able to move forward through obstacles to achieve goals. The counselor reflects on the emotional past for resolution.

Additional Topics Covered

  • Personal branding and being niche
  • Creating valuable content for your clients
  • Getting focused on what you do to serve others
  • Discovering potential in others
  • Daydreaming through scenarios

Adam’s Keyword: Value

How are you giving value to your clients?

Share your ideas and feedback in the comments below.

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