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Episode 9 – Get Out Of Your Business To Start Building It with Meggie Hale

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In this episode interview, I speak with entrepreneur and found of Slimmer Silhouette, Meggie Hale. In Meggie’s story, she shares the hurdles she had to grow through in order to make her business grow.

Meggie explains how her experiment with supplementing income with a product in the health and hospice business, eventually lead to a new business venture. Meggie’s ability to pivot in her business when she discovers a new need has lead her to be able to expand her business to reach new people and new audiences to and make her brand a well known name in the health and beauty industry. However, Meggie shares how she was only able to explore her industry by bringing more talent and skill into her business.

Additional Episode Topics

  • Transitioning from Brick and Mortar to National
  • Being confident and focused to move forward
  • Having the tenacity to get back up when you don’t succeed
  • Finding the right people and not fearing finding something else
  • Helping other business owners with growth and education

Meggie’s Success = Tenacity

You cant see the label inside the jar.Meggie Jones

What do you need to delegate in your business?

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