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What Really Matters – The Impact Of Death In A Business Relationship

This is a special recording that I wanted to share with my listeners. Something that really hit me in the heart and I wanted to express out of respect for this person.

So, I did not expect to have such an emotional day today. I received an email earlier from a client that completely caught me off guard. My main contact with the company had passed away.

I have dealt with death in my family, friends, and clients before, but it is not often that the death of someone you barely know makes such an impact on you.

His name is Robert Cook. I knew him simply as Bob.

One day, last summer, I got a phone call from Bob about his company’s need for the services of mine. Since that day, I had a total of 6 phone calls and a series of emails with Bob. However, maybe it was the first call or the second call, I recognized a character in Bob that made me want to be like him.

He was caring and respectful. He did not want to waste my time and was straight to the point, but he made time for our relationship grow. This gave us a mutual respect for each other’s knowledge and experiences. There was a great degree of integrity with him, I could hear it in his voice. I gained a mentor, but I did not realize it until he was gone.

My heart goes out to his friends, family, and colleagues – none of which I know. I wish I did. I only had my handful of conversations with him, but I feel the pain of his loss and what could have been a great relationship.

Here’s to you, Bob.


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