Thursday Stop – Creating Experiences With Email Marketing

The Thursday Stop is the time during my week that all things stop for a few minutes to reflect about my business and life. I use this time as a mental breather, to look back and forward at the direction things are going. Occasionally, I recall questions from customers and clients and share my answers with viewers.

In this week’s Thursday Stop, I talk about email marketing. There seems to be a great misconception that email marketing is for spammers. That is simply not true. If your intent is to simply communicate without bombarding the recipient with sales pitches, then you really have nothing to worry about.

Make sure to really consider how you are communication with your audience, especially in a 1 on 1 conversation. If you create a scenario with points of communication and expected responses, you can craft and implement a nice system of email communication and marketing that allows you to build client relationships and save some time.

How are you creating experiences with email marketing?

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