Thursday Stop – OVERLOAD: Get Ideas Out Of Your Head!

The Thursday Stop is the time during my week that all things stop for a few minutes to reflect about my business and life. I use this time as a mental breather, to look back and forward at the direction things are going. Occasionally, I recall questions from customers and clients and share my answers with viewers.

When you are inspired and motivated, your mind can be buzzing with great new ideas to chase down. However, it isn’t a great idea to jump ship with your current tasks and endeavors to take on new ones.

In this Thursday Stop video, i explain how I use the project life management tool, Trello, to get home, business, and ideas in order to review and accomplish (if they are worth pursuing). I also give a fun analogy to how I relate Dumbledore’s pensive to this method.

How do you handle your idea overload?

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