Thursday Stop – The Pitfall Of Instant Gratification

The Thursday Stop is the time during my week that all things stop for a few minutes to reflect about my business and life. I use this time as a mental breather, to look back and forward at the direction things are going. Occasionally, I recall questions from customers and clients and share my answers with viewers.

In this Thursday Stop, I briefly cover the plague to small business owners, which is instant gratification. Believing that success will happen immediately, will often lead you to the feeling of failure. I truly believe that success is the journey towards an ultimate goal, whether in business or life. Each step may be an achievement, accomplishment, or smaller goal to obtain on the way to the grand prize. Yes, there can be setbacks, but you can continue on. If you believe that your ultimate goal will come instantly after the first step, you will always see anything less as a failure.

How has instant gratification stopped your path forward?

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