Thursday Stop – What A Brand Is And What It Means

The Thursday Stop is the time during my week that all things stop for a few minutes to reflect about my business and life. I use this time as a mental breather, to look back and forward at the direction things are going. Occasionally, I recall questions from customers and clients and share my answers with you.

The long assumed assumption of what a small business’ brand is has been leaned heavily towards the way the business looks. The visual appeal of the logo and imagery. This is only partly true, with much more missing from the definition. Think of your small business’ brand as a collective attitude outside of the business, about the business. It’s how your audience describes your business, products, services, people, and message. It’s the way your audience describes their experiences.

A brand can be summed up in 3 parts:

1. Communication

What you are saying to your audience (and what they are hearing).

2. Visual Communication

How you look to your audience (and if they like what they see).

3. Experience

How you engage and interact with your audience (and if it is working for them).

In the simplest terms, your brand is the story your audience tells themselves about you and/or your business. Yes, “walking the walk and talking the talk” has a lot to do with it, but it does not matter what you say or do if your audience doesn’t like it.

What do you think your brand is to your audience?

Leave your answer in the comments section below.

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