Thursday Stop – Understanding Your Character In Your Marketing Story

The Thursday Stop is the time during my week that all things stop for a few minutes to reflect about my business and life. I use this time as a mental breather, to look back and forward at the direction things are going. Occasionally, I recall questions from customers and clients and share my answers with you.

Great marketing is great storytelling. A great story has the right characters coming together to play out the experiences in the story.

People want to have experiences in every part of their lives. It is how we tell our stories, to ourselves, and to others all around us. Everyone we interact with becomes a character in our own story, and vice versa.

Your character, or your business’ character, plays a role in the story of each individual in your audience. Each individual perceives you and your business in a unique way to determine the value of your character to their story. Once that value has been determined, it will last for the lifetime of its need, unless your character doesn’t live up to the expected value.

Not every individual will give you a valuable role in their story, and that is OK. Your goal in marketing yourself and your business is to be identified as the right character, for the right role, in the right story. When you are the right character, your audience sets expectations for the experiences you and your business can create.

This makes the sales process simple and fast, which allows your customer’s story to continue on as they desire.

How does your character fit in your customer’s story?

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